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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Eastbourne, East Sussex and Canary Wharf, London and Online.

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"I really appreciated the way you helped me see my problem from a different angle, especially how I was contributing to the situation - that meant I felt more empowered to take responsibility for my life instead of expecting others to change." - Helen


"Thanks to the couple therapy we're actually making time for each other and the relationship, and feeling the benefits, whereas before we came we'd got into the habit of prioritising other things, such as work or the kids." Jean-Pierre and Rachel.


"You've helped me become more self-accepting and less judging of myself, and that's really had a big impact on my relationships with people in my work and personal life. I'm more ready to stand up for myself but at the same time have become less judgmental." Paul


"We've learned to actually listen to each other, rather than screening out half of what the other person says and getting stuck in the same old misunderstandings and resentments." Carl and Anoushka


I came to see you expecting you to tell me what to do. But what's happened is we've worked together and, in a subtle, way, new possibilities have opened up in that I didn't see before. Rufus, Canary Wharf