Patrick McCurry Counsellor Eastbourne Canary Wharf

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Eastbourne, East Sussex and Canary Wharf, London and Online.

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Patrick McCurry Counsellor Eastbourne Canary Wharf


My name is Patrick McCurry and I offer counselling/psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

Are you struggling with something in your life which you have been unable to resolve yourself? This may be a relationship or sexual problem, anger issues, family problems, anxiety/depression or maybe just a feeling that something is missing in your life? 

Or perhaps you're a couple struggling with how to communicate better, the impact of a betrayal, or conflict over money, sex or children?

Instead of feeling like you're going round in circles and repeating the same mistakes, why don't you let counseling/therapy help you find new ways of responding to familiar problems?